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Update- 17 NOV 2016

We are getting faster!

Where2Wheel is working every day to be a better community. We just upgraded to a faster and more reliable server. We hope that this provides everyone with a better experience. Stay with us while we work the bugs out on this new server and tweak some areas to make it more enjoyable and user friendly. Please let us know if you find any issues so we can take care of them immediately! Feel free to post on the main feed, inside the W2W feedback group, or email us directly at

We are adding an improved trails page as well! We are currently fixing the search function and adding the ability to open that trail in a completely separate window.

The Where2Wheel team recently teamed up with a local video specialist/expert to create our new video. We wanted to let the community know who we are and why we’re doing what we’re doing. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below. We’re just a couple friends that love the sport and want to share that passion with the world!


We hope to bring back the Where2Wheel Raffle shortly! We love to give back to our community members and we think giving away free off-road parts and accessories is a great way to do just that! More to follow in the coming weeks on that! Check out our raffle points system here-> Raffle Points Explained

We hope everyone has a wonderful week/holiday and stay tuned for more updates! 





We are headed to Ocean City Jeep Week!

Update- 15 July 16

We cannot wait to be headed up to Ocean City Jeep Week the last weekend of August (26-28th). The event goes from Thursday Afternoon on the 25th to Sunday around Noon on the 26th. The event is held in Ocean City, MD and this year they hope to have around 1400 Jeepers! This will be our first even (of many) and we are very excited to get involved! If your up for the Sunday morning Jeep Beach Crawl, we will be out with both our TJ and XJ. We hope to see you there!


W2W Improvements

In the last couple months we have been working extremely hard to bring new and improved W2W features! 

We have implemented a brand new map system and updates are still in the works!

Here are some additions on the way:

  • Updates to the trail system display
  • Re-designing the Add a Trail system so trails can be added by our members easily and quickly
  • Updating the points system to include points for members who add trails
  • Other various tweaks and bug fixes to provide the best experience possible

Also a Group has been added called W2W Feedback-> W2W Feedback  - This is for you to provide us feedback on any issues, bugs, or improvements you may come accross or think of! Please let us know, we are listening and doing everything we can to make W2W the best it can be!

Read more: W2W Update for July

Ipad Where2Wheel

UPDATE 8/12/2015

We are now LIVE!!

There are still issues we are working through, but W2W is up and online! 

Also, introducing our new.... RAFFLE AND POINTS PROGRAM! We can't wait to start raffling away prizes for the Where2Wheel community! 


Stay tuned for more information in the next few days! We are working non stop to get everything up and running and working flawlessly!

Thank you for your continued support!