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Let's talk about fourwheeling trails and Jeep trails in Vermont.


To be clear, this article covers an overview of the offroading landscape in Vermont, as well as OHV trails, fourwheeling trails, Jeep trails, 4x4 trails, and all types of offroad trails in VT for full-size vehicles. 

Fun Fact: Vermont is the 5th most active state in the US, unfortunately that does not translate into the 5th most offroad friendly state in the US! While the state boasts lots of green space and unused space, it does not have much to offer in the way of legal trails to go wheeling on besides random roads scattered throughout the state. If you are interested in going offroading in Vermont, then you are looking at basically two options - 1) The Vermont class 4 road system that runs throughout the state or 2) Green Mountain National Forest. Not much to offer, but at least both these options have several places to go hit the trails within them.


For those who are just entering into the world of offroading or who just moved to Vermont and dont know what I mean when I refer to class 4 road system, class 4 roads are roads that do not fall under the classification to receive state aid to keep them passable and maintained. They are basically just dirt roads and trails that run throughout the whole state that are an offroaders dream. Class 4 roads can be accessed by pretty much any legally registered vehicle or 4x4. You can visit Vermont's Transportation website here to learn more about the class 4 road system as well as find maps of them and their locations. 

The other place in Vermont to go offroading at is Green Mountain National Forest. Green Mountain National Forest is located down in the southern part of the state near Dover and Wilmington. The forest was established in 1932 as a result of uncontrolled overlogging, fire and flooding. It is around 399,151 acres large and is the biggest contiguous land mass in the state. There are hundreds of roads throughout the forest that you can wheel on. To learn more about how to distinguish between which roads are offroad friendly and which are not, check out the full trail description here. One another note, not too far down from Green Mountain you will hit some other offroading options just over the border into Massachusetts. If you live in the southern part of the state near Green Mountain then I would suggest checking out our blog covering the offroad trails in MA as they have some offerings close to home for you.


Below I included a screenshot of the Where2Wheel map and offroad trail listings for Vermont as well as the neighboring states. Feel free to sign-up for Where2Wheel (it is 100% free) to add trails, and be a part of the offroading community. Hope this brief overview of the offroading trails in VT helps you kick it into 4WD!


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Would you like to learn more about the offroading landscape in Massachusetts? Well, you have come to the right place. Where2Wheel can help you find Jeep trails, truck/SUV trails, fourwheeling trails, OHV trails, and all other offroad trails for 4WD vehicles.

This blog will cover a brief overview of the offroad trails and offroading landscape in MA. To find more information and for full trail descriptions visit W2W's Trails Map.


Massachusetts surprisingly has a good amount of options for their residents who like to kick it into 4WD and hit the trails (especially for a state located on the east coast).  MA basically has two different types of places to go offroading - 1.) random roads that are littered throughout the state and then 2.) Wrentham State Forest. For those of you who live more on the Northwest area of the state, you have quite a few different roads and trails to pick from to play on. Three of these roads fall right near the Northwest corner of Massachusetts and right at the border with Vermont. They are at the very end of Green Mountain National Forest. One of the more popular of these roads is called Tunnel Road - while most of the trails in this region of the state consists mainly of mudding and deep mud holes, Tunnel Road has a significant amount of rocks, rock crawling and ledges to test your rockcrawling skills on. You don't have to have lockers to visit this trail, but it is highly recommended that you do or at least bring a vehicle/friend with you that does! 


In the middle of the state near Northampton and Saw Mill Hills Conservation Area is one of the most popular trails in MA called Mabell Trail. Mabell is short for mass bell as the trail is named for the old Bell telephone lines that used to run down the trail back in the day. This trail is on privately owned land that the owner graciously allows us offroaders to play on, so make sure to stay the trail and know which parts are off limits - if you dont know then bring someone with you that does. Also side note: this trail was featured in JP magazine. 


As you move more south you will run into Wrentham State Forest, which is located near Foxborough, MA. Wrentham State Forest is home to a large number of offroad trail types including: motorcycle singletracks, Jeep trails, and ATV trails. The forest is also active during hunting season so make sure to be aware of that. This forest is actually part of the F. Gilbert Hills State Forest and has three sections located in Foxborough, Wrentham, and Franklin. To find more information on which offroad trails you can take a full-size vehicle on, and info on camping make sure to visit Wrentham State Forest's website


If you are tired of offroading on the trails in MA, then you are in luck because both Vermont and Connecticut have offroad trails near their borders with Massachusetts. Right over the border into CT, you can hit the offroad trails in both Bigelow Hollow State Park and Nipmuck State Forest. You can find more information about these two areas and their offroad trail offerings on Where2Wheel. I would also visit their websites for more information on services, camping, prices, etc... before heading out there.

Thanks for reading, to find more information, or to add to the growing database and resource for offroaders by offroaders visit www.where2wheel.com - also see the screenshot below for an overview of the offroad trails and Jeep trails in Massachusetts and surrounding areas.


Happy Wheeling!



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If you are looking for offroad trails in South Carolina, well look no further because Where2Wheel is here to help you find 4x4, Jeep, truck, and OHV offroad trails.

South Carolina isn't quite as abundant with offroad trails as it's brother to the North, but if you know where to look there are enough spots to kick it into 4WD in SC until you can find time to travel up to the offroad trails of North Carolina.

Alright, so you are set on hitting the 4x4 trails in South Carolina.  It looks like you are heading to Gulches ORV Park in Northwest SC (Laurens County).  Gulches is a family friendly park with trails for every skill level.  They have almost 50 trails at Gulches, so there is enough terrain to fill the whole weekend; the park is usually muddy with a decent amount of elevation changes throughout the forested trails.  Gulches is one of the more affordable ORV parks too with a day pass only costing $25.  They even have camping available.  For more info, check out Gulches' website.

I do realize that Gulches is a bit of a hike for those of you living near the coast, which is why I will mention that we do have some trails listed near Charleston on the Where2Wheel Trails Map.  It's free to get on W2W and take a look for yourself; matter of fact I will drop a screenshot of the W2W map at the bottom of this blog so that you can see if any of the trail pins on W2W are near your area of the map.  Remember, new offroad trails are being added to Where2Wheel all the time, so while this snapshot won't update, it is worth getting on W2W to see if anyone has added new offroad trails for South Carolina.

Lastly, if you are in SC and you are looking for offroad trails, I suggest that you check out our blog post on offroad trails in North Carolina.  NC has a ton of great trails and is right next door to SC!

Thanks for reading this short briefing on 4x4 offroad trails in SC.  See you on Where2Wheel where you can search for offroad trails and find wheeling buddies near you!


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Let's talk about offroad trails and fourwheeling trails in Connecticut.

This blog covers Jeep trails, truck/SUV trails, OHV trails, and other 4WD vehicle trails in Connecticut.

When you think offroading I am sure the state Connecticut does not cross your mind, and rightly so since the Northeast is not known for its offroad trails or landscape, but you would be pleasantly surprised to learn that Connecticut does have quite a few places for its residents to kick it into 4WD. Especially when compared to Rhode Island right next door who only has access to one offroad trail for its offroad enthusiasts. Most of the CT offroad trails are located inside 3 state forests/parks - Bigelow Hollow, Nipmuck, and Cockaponset have offroad trails for full-size vehicles. Bigelow and Nipmuck are in the Northern part of the state (almost at the state line with MA), while Cockaponset is down south near Chester and around 32 minutes away from Hartford, CT. Below are each of the three state forests broken out with their respective 4x4 trails and links to the trail on the Where2Wheel map for more in-depth information.

We will kick it off with Bigelow Hollow State Park. Bigelow Hollow is located just North of Ashford and Eastford and is right under 20 minutes from Woodstock, CT. This park is a publicly owned recreation area in the town of Union, Connecticut and is located in the Quinebaug Highlands. This park covers a little over 500 acres in range and is actually inside Nipmuck State Forest. Make sure to check the local parks site before you go for updates on closures and fee changes and contact the ranger ahead of time because some of the legal trails are not marked. Most of the offroad trails in Bigelow Hollow are mainly dirt roads, but can become more challenging after rain or snow. Fun Fact: The name "Bigelow" is a mystery since no person of that name resided or was associated with the area. According to older residents, the name came from "Big Low" in reference to the deep hollow in which the 18-acre pond of that name is located.  

We will jump right over to the west and cover Nipmuck State Forest next. Nipmuck State Forest is just to the west of Stafford, CT and combined with Bigelow Hollow State Park makes up one of the largest unbroken forest areas in Eastern Connecticut. This forest is also the second oldest state forest in CT. Combined these two cover over 9,000 acres and consists of over 40,000 trails. Like the 4x4 trails in Bigelow Hollow, most of the offroad trails in Nipmuck are also dirt roads that are unmarked as well. One of the more well known offroading trails in Nipmuck is Rockfall, you can find more information about this trail here. Like I mentioned earlier, most of the offroad trails in CT and in Nipmuck are unmarked so check with the local ranger or EC before hitting the trails to make sure you dont end up on closed roads. 

Last but not least is Cockaponset State Forest. This beauty is located in southern Connecticut just north of Chester, CT and a little over half an hour away from Hartford. Cockaponset by far has the most documented offroad trails out of the three parks/forests listed in this blog. On Where2Wheel's map alone we have over 7 different offroad trails listed inside Cockaponset. They range from Turkey Hill Marsh to Jericho Rd. which is a small field of obstacles and dirt to mess around in with your offroad rig. If you travel a little more south closer to Chester, CT and Deep River then you encounter some more offroad trails with Pine Ledge being on the more difficult side with mud and rock crawling (advised not to wheel this trail alone if you are a beginner) and then for those mudding fans, there is Spruce Ledge which is known as the "ALL mud trail". 


Hope this information helps you get your rig off the pavement and on to the trails. As always, feel free to check out Where2Wheel.com for more offroad trails and other offroaders in your area. We are here to be a resource for the offroad community, so if you know of any other offroad trails in Connecticut that we are missing out on, please feel free to help us offroaders out and add it to our national trails map. Below you will find an overall shot from our map of the offroad trails in CT that are currently listed and touched on in this article. Happy Wheeling!

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So you would like to learn more about the offroad trails available in North Carolina; well, you have come to the right place.  Where2Wheel can help you find Jeep trails, truck/SUV trails, fourwheeling trails, OHV trails, and all other offroad trails for 4WD vehicles.

North Carolina is a great place for 4x4 offroad trails; NC offers a great variety of terrain with sandy beaches in the east and green forested mountains in the west.  Fortunately for us offroading enthusiasts, in NC we have the privilege to wheel on both the beaches and in the mountains!

Starting in the East of North Carolina, there are two beaches that NC allows vehicles to drive on.  The first and most preferred is Carova Beach.  Carova is located in the most Northeast corner of North Carolina, and public beach access is granted to all 4x4 vehicles. The beach is beautiful with soft white sand and the ocean is a great during the summer months. The beach itself is 11 miles long, and there are countless more miles of trails behind (west of) the beach. Some of the trails can be challenging as they are often flooded with deep water. On the back trails (or occasionally on the beach) you can find wild horses that live in this area.  It's quite the site to see when a group wild of horses cross your path; the horses are used to humans being around, but make sure to keep your distance - it's the law no person gets closer than 50ft to the wild horses, and there is law enforcement around to ensure this rule is adhered to.  Also, if you are going to hit the beach it's important to remember that the speed limit on the beach is 15 mph and it is enforced.  Carova beach has enough sandy trails and sights to see that it is worth spending the day here Jeepin' on the beach!  The other beach that you can drive on in NC is Cape Lookout.  Cape Lookout is north of Wilmington near Morehead City, and this beach is a bit more secluded than Carova.  In fact, Cape Lookout is only accessible by ferry and all drivers must obtain a free ORV Education Certificate and corresponding decal before being able to hit this beach.  More details on Cape Lookout are available here, but my recommendation is to visit Carova Beach for a day of sand, sun, and 4WD.

Moving towards the center of North Carolina, we find an offroad jewel of the MidAtlatic - Uwharrie National Forest has become a place of 4x4 pilgrimage for MidAtlantic and East Coast offroaders.  I can't touch on all the trails available in Uwharrie so you will need to check out Where2Wheel and our Trails Map for that (it's free), but I can tell you that Uwharrie has trails for every vehicle type and every skill level.  Worth mentioning is the Badin Lake OHV Area; Badin Lake is open from April 1st to December 15th of every year, and it has 6 trailheads with 16 miles of trails.  The trails range from beginner & stock vehicle stuff to the "you better have full rock protection, lockers, and big rubber" to hit this trail.  If you are hitting Badin Lake for your first time, it is recommended that you start with Dutch John Trail or Falls Dam Trail (both can be found on the W2W map).  I can't emphasize this enough, if you live in North Carolina and you are an offroading enthusiast then you need to visit Uwharrie; it's a fantastic offroad resource that is unique to NC.

Last, but not least, on the Western side of NC you will find an abundance of 4x4 offroad trails to ride.  You can see them all on the W2W map; I assure you there are plenty of trails in Western NC and I will put a screenshot below to show you what you are missing out on by not checking out the W2W map.  Okay, so you would like me to talk about one specifically?  How about Jocassee Gorges in Lake Toxaway, NC.  Jocassee Gorges is a trail that is growing in popularity and is mid level in difficulty.  The trail is located in Gorges State Park and has some spots that can be challenging, but nothing that should discourage vehicles with a small lift and 31s or larger rubber.  Also, the trail has some great scenic photo opportunities where you can capture the natural beauty that surrounds this area of North Carolina.

Thanks for reading about the offroad trails that NC has to offer.  Please sign up for and then explore Where2Wheel for yourself.  We have way more trails listed on our map than I have time to write about.  See you on W2W!

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Let's talk about fourwheeling trails and 4x4 offroad trails in Pennsylvania.

To be clear, this article covers Jeep trails, truck/SUV trails, OHV trails, and other 4WD vehicle trails in PA.

For life as an offroading enthusiast, if you can't live out West near the seemingly endless supply of offroad trails available in the Western States, then Pennsylvania might be the next best place in the US to live for 4WD fun.  On the Where2Wheel Map, we have 17 offroad trails listed in PA - for a State on the Eastern Seaboard, this amount of offroading availability is typically unheard of.  So if you want to check out all 17 offroad trails in Pennsylvania (probably more by the time you read this) then get on W2W, create a free account, and poke around our map to see nearby trails.

Okay, so if you haven't checked out the W2W map yet, I'll give you a quick rundown of the best 4x4 offroad trails in PA.  First, you can't talk about offroading in Pennsylvania without bringing up Rausch Creek Off-Road Park.  Best known as Rausch Creek, this park is THE spot for Jeep and 4x4 enthusiasts in PA.  Rausch Creek is over 3,000 acres large and is located right in the Center of Pennsylvania - here they have everything: easy, intermediate, and difficult trails - featuring rocks, bowls, hills, club friendly trails, and free, on-site camping.  There is a 2 vehicle minimum to hit the trails, but if you check the Rausch Creek website, they will help you connect with a trail buddy or trail guide.

Next up worth mentioning is Rock Run Recreation Area.  Rock Run has over 140 miles of 4x4 trails with trail difficulties varying to suit every experience level.  This park has a great reputation for being well maintained and is quickly becoming a local favorite among the OHV and Jeep community.  You will find Rock Run in Central PA near Altoona, and a day of riding will cost you just $27.  If you are thinking about visiting Rock Run, check out their website and calendar to verify their hours and open dates.

So we have covered Middle PA, but what about Western PA?  On the Western side of PA you will find some more great offroad trail options.  About an hour north of Pittsburg is Scrubgrass OHV Park.  Scrubgrass is over 1,200 acres large encompassing more than 60 miles of OHV and Jeep trails.  They have a full day worth of trails for every difficulty level, even for beginners.  So if you are on the Western side of Pennsylvania and you are a 4WD enthusiast, then Scrubgrass needs to be on your short list.  Again, make sure to check Scrubgrass's page before heading out to make sure that the trails will be open on your day of visit.

This last offroad trail that gets a shoutout is for those looking for a guided 4x4 experience. Nemacolin Woodlands Offroad Course is a great option to help you find your offroad footing.  Here they have over 20 miles of wooded trails along with a rock garden, and they will guide you through all this terrain while teaching you how to get the most out of your 4x4.  You can bring your own Jeep or ride along in theirs, but if you are interested in getting into offroading and you are in PA, then you should visit the Offroad Driving Academy at Nemacolin.  Check here for pricing and hours.

Alright, so that is a quick summary of some of the highlights of Pennsylvania's offroad trails.  If you want to see all the offroad trails in PA, including local lesser known trails, then just check out Where2Wheel and our map (it's free).  Thanks for reading, see you on W2W!

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Let's Discuss the Offroad Landscape and Offroad Trails in Rhode Island.

Just to be clear, this article covers Jeep trails, OHV trails, truck/SUV trails, and four wheeling trails in Rhode Island.  From here on out, to keep things simple let's just refer to all these trails as 4x4 offroad trails.

As I am sure the residents of Rhode Island know, there unfortunately are not very many places to go offroading nor are there a good deal of offroad trails. The state of Rhode Island itself has plenty of natural parks and wildlife management areas, but they sadly do not allow offroading. The owners of Where2Wheel understand this pain being that we ourselves are east coasters and live in Virginia, where offroading and 4x4 offroad trails are few and far between. It is one of our goals to help the offroad community and more specifically the offroad community east of the Mississippi with accurate and up-to-date 4x4 trail information. With that being said, if you know of any other offroading trails in Rhode Island that are not included below, please feel free to help us east coasters out and add the trail listing to our 4x4 trails map - it is free to view/use and register. 

Now that all that boring stuff is out of the way, lets get to the offroad trail information for RI that we do have on our trails map, which can be viewed at www.where2wheel.com/trails. We have one offroad 4x4 trail listing located near Charlestown, RI and the Ninigret Conservation Area called East Beach Sand Trail. A screenshot of the trail listing from the Where2Wheel trails map is included below for better reference and so you can see the lat and long coordinates. This write-up will give a brief overview of the trail below, but you can read the full trail description here


The East Beach Sand Trail is, as the name mentions, located on East State Beach in Charlestown. It is approx. 3 miles of prime beach offroad trail riding and is also the easterly extension of Quonochontaug Neck. This beach is one of the least developed beaches in Rhode Island, which makes it prime for offroaders and offoad trail rides, as long as you follow all the rules laid out by Rhode Island Parks department. You can find all those guidelines along with other important information about the East Beach offroad trail here, but a few important ones worth mentioning are 1.) Vehicles driving on East Beach require a Barrier Beach Pass so make sure to purchase that before heading out to hit the trail, and 2.) During the summer season, all vehicles using the East Beach Sand Trail will be charged a beach parking fee unless registered for a campsite on East Beach. So if you like camping along with hitting the offroad trails, then it would be smart to combine them for this particular trail and save yourself the beach parking charge during the summer. 

A few more items worth mentioning is that while East Beach might be the most undeveloped beach in RI, it still has 20 camp sites along with toilets and there is also access to the beach for swimming.  So along with offroading and the East Beach Sand Offroad Trail, East Beach has other activities for a family outting and camping adventure. While the state of Rhode Island itself is lacking in offroad trails, this particular 4x4 trail is said to have some of the best views of Rhode Island's spectacular seaside treasures, so at least when RI does it, they do it right! 


On a side note, if you are willing to drive to hit the 4x4 trails, then there is good news for you yet as Connecticut right next door has several offroad trails located in Cockaponset State Forest, just north of Chester, CT which is about an hour and a half drive from Providence, RI. The Where2Wheel map currently has nine offroad trail listings in Connecticut and seven of those 4x4 trails are just over an hour and a half away from Providence. 

That about sums up the offroad trails and offroading landscape in Rhode Island. As mentioned above below is a screenshot of the East Beach Sand Trail location and a quick trail description. As stated above, to view more information on this particular offroad trail and to find other 4x4 trails across the country visit the W2W trails map

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Let's talk about the offroad trails that New York has to offer.

Just to be clear, this article covers Jeep trails, OHV trails, truck/SUV trails, and four wheeling trails in New York.  From here on out, to keep things simple let's just refer to all these trails as 4x4 offroad trails.

New York State has more offroad trails than one would think.  Usually when we think of NY we visualize the huge City of New York with it's massive towers and cold city streets, but fortunately for us offroaders the State of NY has much more to offer than the metropolis of New York City.  In fact, on the Where2Wheel map (at the time of writing 1/22/19) we have 13 different 4x4 offroad trails in New York.

I'll give you a quick briefing about the three major offroad locations in NY and then if you want to learn more, you can login to W2W (it's free) and check the trails map for yourself.

The best place to go in NY for some 4WD action is Mettowee Offroad Park.  Mettowee is located in Whitehall, NY (Northeastern part of the state) and at the park they have everything from rock crawling to mud bogging.  It's a great place to do some trail riding and have some fun on the obstacle course, and if you check their calendar you can catch some of the competition events that they hold on a regular basis.  Mettowee is open on Saturday and Sundays from 9am to 5pm and the cost of entrance is $25 per driver and $10 per passenger.

Another very cool and unique offroad trail in New York is the 4WD Farm located North of Syracuse (specifically in Parish, NY).  The 4WD Farm is on 150 acres and offers off road trails rated 3-6 in normal weather conditions. This off road park is designed for small to mid-size stock or slightly modified 4WD vehicles used as daily drivers.  At the 4WD Farm the trails and obstacles really put an emphasis on smaller size 4x4s such as Jeeps and Yotas, and if you have a larger vehicle and/or bigger rubber than 35s then this isn't your spot because they won't let you wheel.  Minimum recommended tire size is 30.

The third 4x4 offroad trail in NY that I will mention is a bit of a lesser known spot, but this place is definitely worth checking out if you want to have some wild 4x4 fun.  Whispering Pines Hideaway is in Western NY and is located between Rochester and Syracuse.  At Whispering Pines you will find miles of trails to ride with obstacles that range from mild to extreme.  It will cost you $35 for a one-time visit or $125 for an annual pass; however, at Whispering Pines they pride themselves on having very few rules and restrictions so it's a great place to get out and play at - Just use some common sense and practice safe wheeling techniques.  Whispering Pines Hideaway comes highly recommended from local 4x4 enthusiasts in New York, so it should be on your list to check out if you are in the area.

Like I mentioned above, we have several more 4x4 offroad trails in NY that you can see on Where2Wheel.  I have dropped a picture below to show you trail locations, but for details just check out the Where2Wheel Trails Map.  Thanks for reading, see you on W2W!

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Let's talk about 4x4 offroad trails in New Jersey.

This article covers Jeep trails, OHV trails, truck/SUV trails, and four wheeling trails in NJ.

Fun Fact, New Jersey is the 4th smallest state in the United States.  However, don't let this small size fool you; NJ is home to the 11th largest population by state, so between this small state size and large population of over 9 million people there isn't a ton of room set aside for us offroading enthusiasts to explore our hobby/sport/lifestyle.  This makes my job of writing an article that covers offroad trails in New Jersey a very easy task, but it's probably a little more disappointing for you if your searching the internet for where to go wheeling in NJ.  Don't worry though, you have come to the right place, Where2Wheel is a fantastic resource to find offroad trails for Jeeps and trucks anywhere in the US.  The easiest way to find places to wheel is to create a free Where2Wheel account and then checkout the Where2Wheel Trails Map, but keep on reading if you want to hear about THE place to go offroading in New Jersey.

Alright, so your set on hitting the 4x4 trails in NJ.  It looks like you are going to be heading to Pine Barrens in Wharton State Park in Hammonton, New Jersey.  Like I stated above, Pine Barrens is THE place to go offroading in NJ, but if you only have one option, this isn't a bad one.  Pine Barrens has over 500 miles of unpaved roads that wind through the hundred thousand plus acres of Wharton State Park.  Often these unpaved roads more closely resemble mudpits than they do roads, so make sure you are packing some serious tread on your tires.

Before you head out to hit the trails, there are a few things that you should know about Pine Barrens.  "Offroading" aka leaving the designated roads is illegal and will land you in serious trouble with the Forest Rangers - Stay The Trail.  Inside Pine Barrens your vehicle must be "street legal" meaning licensed and registered.  Speeds should not exceed 20mph while exploring these unpaved roads, and 4WD strongly is recommended.  Lastly after some rain, the park becomes extremely muddy to the point where roads are impassible to stock vehicles, so use that info however you like.

Thanks for reading about the 4x4 offroad trail option in New Jersey.  For more trail info, please check out Where2Wheel.  Thanks and see you on W2W!

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Let's talk about 4x4 offroad trails in Delaware

This article covers Jeep trails, OHV trails, four wheeling trails, and all offroad trails for Jeeps and trucks that Delaware has to offer.

First, before I jump into covering Delaware's offroad landscape, I'd like to say right off the bat that DE is a small state.  In fact, Delaware is the second smallest state, measuring only 96 miles from N to S, and only 35 miles across at its widest point.  And with nearly a million people living in DE, that doesn't leave much room for 4x4 offroad trails in DE.  Chances are that if you want to get some mud on the tires, you are going to need to cross state lines.

However, there is one place in DE that if you have the itch you can do some very very light trail riding, and that place is the C&D Canal Trails in Northern DE.  At the Canals there are clay and gravel roads that can be explored.  Any reckless actions here will certainly draw the attention of law enforcement, but if you are conducting yourself responsibly then the trails can be fun especially after some rain has stirred up the mud.  While we are talking about N DE, the other place worth mentioning is Pine Barrens in Hammonton, NJ.  Pine Barrens is about a two hour drive from Dover, but it is totally worth it if your looking for Jeep trails or OHV trails in DE.  Pine Barrens is inside Wharton State Park in NJ and the area has over 500 miles of unpaved roads; it is widely regarded as THE place to go offroading in NJ.  Use caution as the mudpits can get pretty deep, so it's always best to measure depth or ease in slowly before blasting into an unknown mud hole.

If you are South of Dover then you can always head into MD for some beach riding.  On the beaches near Ocean City, MD there is Assateague State Park and Assateague Island Beach.  It will cost you $75 annually for a Surf Vehicle tag, but Assateague Island Beach provides you with 13 miles of beach 4x4 access.  Now it's important to note that this beach access is not specifically for four wheeling, but designed to be an access point for salt water fishing -  so no donuts or reckless driving because you will be told to leave if you are disturbing the environment.  With that said, it is a nice spot to enjoy some top down beach driving and fishing if you are into that. You can learn more about this trail and offroading in MD on our Maryland Blog.

For more 4x4 offroad trails in DE, check out the Where2Wheel map.  There are several other wheelin spots around DE that are too small for a mention in this post, but you can find them yourself by signing up for Where2Wheel and checking out the map (It's 100% Free).  Thanks for reading about offroad trails in Delaware; I look forward to seeing you on W2W!


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Let's talk about the off road trails, Jeep trails, and OHV trails in Arizona.


This article specifically covers places for off roading in Arizona - Jeep trails, truck & SUV trails, OHV & ORV trails, and all other sorts of 4x4 trails in AZ.

Arizona has a fantastic amount of land available for off roading.  The beautiful scenic landscapes that can be found in AZ are unlike anything else in the country, and perhaps the coolest part of this natural beauty is the journey that is required to observe these wonderful views.

The easiest way for me to tell you about the off road trails in Arizona is to cover the trails located near the major cities.  There are far too many off road trails in AZ for me to cover all of them in this brief article, so I will touch on a few and then if you want to sign up for Where2Wheel - Off Road Trails (it's free) to check out all the Arizona trails, feel free to do so.

Starting with Tucson, the most popular trail is pretty much right outside Tucson is Chiva (often pronounced Chivo) Falls.  Chiva Falls - Where2Wheel Trail has a good variety of challenging and more "stock"able terrain and obstacles; either way undercarriage protection and/or rock sliders are recommended for this one.  It's probably also a good idea to have a passenger that is willing to be your spotter while on trail.  Most of the more difficult obstacles have bypasses and the trail ends with a gorgeous view of a 75ft waterfall in the middle of the desert (not something you see everyday).  Also near Tucson you can find Chimney Rock that winds it's way through shallow foothills and narrow rock washes.  Chimney rock offers great four wheeling and a bit of rock crawling.  You can find the full write of of both trails on the W2W Trails Map.

Next let's move up to Phoenix.  Phoenix has lot's of off road trails close by, with a large dense cluster of off road trails located to the Northeast in the Tonto National Forest.  Great beginners (stock) trails outside (NW) Phoenix/Scottsdale are Coves 1 thru 4 inside Butcher Jones Recreation Area; it's a great place to spend a hot summer day because these trails end at the banks of the Salt River where can take a dip and cool off.  There are many beginner/moderate off road trails around Phoenix, but if you are looking for something more difficult then you can head North up I-17 past Anthem to the Black Canyon OHV trail - Where2Wheel.  Black Canyon offers a lot of varying terrain over the 10 mile trail: rocks, water crossings, mud, and challenging obstacles.  It's not quite hardcore, but it's definitely not for beginners; also, Black Canyon is a lesser known trail so it's a nice place to get away from the more crowded more popular trails in this area.

This area of the US is simply littered with trails, so it's really worth checking out the Where2Wheel - Home/Signup map because there are too many off road trails for me to cover.  I'll drop a picture of the W2W map of Arizona so that you can take a quick glance, but still check out W2W as new trails are being added every week.  Thanks for reading, see you on W2W!


W2W Arizona Trails Map 08/2018
W2W Arizona Trails Map 08/2018

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Let's talk about 4x4 offroad trails in Maryland


This article specifically covers Jeep trails, trucks trails, SUV trails, and all other highway vehicle four wheeling trails in MD.

Maryland can be one tough state to find 4x4 offroad trails in, but have no fear Where2Wheel is here to outline some of the offroading trails that MD has to offer.

Let's start at the coast and move from East to West.  On the beaches near Ocean City, MD there is Assateague State Park and Assateague Island Beach.  It is about a 30 minute drive and will cost you $75 annually for a Surf Vehicle tag, but Assateague Island Beach provides you with 13 miles of beach 4x4 access.  Now it's important to note that this beach access is not specifically for four wheeling, but designed to be an access point for salt water fishing -  so no donuts or reckless driving because you will be told to leave if you are disturbing the environment.  With that said, it is a nice spot to enjoy some top down beach driving and fishing if you are into that.

So if you are located East of Baltimore, you are definitely going to have to drive a ways to get to the bulk of the offroad trails in Maryland, but the good news is that MD is a small state so that shouldn't be a deal breaker keeping you from having some 4x4 fun.  West of Baltimore and just North of Frederick is the Frederick Watershed Area, and just like the beaches this is nothing too extreme.  Inside the Frederick Watershed is the Frederick Municipal Forest that contains 11 miles of gravel, dirt, and rocky roads that explore the 7,000 acre forest.  Most of the trail doesn't require 4WD, but there is the occasional creek crossing and rain or snow can make this area a lot more fun.  There is also some good fishing of stocked lakes and hiking to be had in this forest.

Continuing to travel to the most Northwest parts of MD will land you the states best offroading.  The Garrett State Forest and Savage River State Forest both provide some fun 4x4 offroad trails - these trails be found on Where2Wheel.com on the W2W Trails Map, but one of those worth mentioning is the St. John's Rock ORV Trail & Campground in Garrett County (Frostburg), MD.  At St. John's you can find more that 12 miles of woodland trails constructed specifically for ORV enthusiasts, including a full-size rock crawl area for Jeeps and other four-wheel drive vehicles.  It has been a relief to many Maryland resident offroad enthusiasts to see the state finally taking actions to embrace the strong offroad community in MD, and projects like the St. John's Rock ORV Trail are a welcome addition to the recreational resources that Maryland has to offer.

Lastly, don't forget to check out Ocean City Jeep Week!  It's a fantastic celebration of all things Jeep, including beach rides, a custom built off-road course, and a kickin display of Jeeps and all things off-road at the Ocean City Convention Center.  Where2Wheel is often in attendance with many other vendors in the off-road world, and it is honestly a great time and one of the highlights of our year.  OWJW is held annually in late August.

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Let's talk about 4x4 offroad trails in Virginia


This article specifically covers Jeep trails, truck trails, SUV trails, and all other highway vehicle four wheeling trails in VA.


Virginia certainly isn't the mecca of offroading, but that doesn't mean that VA doesn't have its fair share of 4x4 trails where you can get your tires dirty and have some fun with your Jeep, truck, or whatever 4WD that you choose to have some fun with.  I will provide a base overview of the terrain types that you can find in Virginia and then I will move from East to West mentioning any major 4x4 offroad trails that standout in VA.

East to West you will find: Starting at the Atlantic Coastline with sand/beach, then a quick transition to mud/swamp, then progressing into wooded/forest trails, and as you move into the western half of the state you move into the Appalachian Mountains where the trails are typically forested trails sprinkled with mild to moderate rock crawling sections. That's Virginia 4x4 off-road terrain in a nutshell.

Notable 4x4 offroad trails in VA from East to West include:

Carova beach isn't technically in Virginia, but it is a favorite among VA four wheeling enthusiasts.  Carova Beach is 11 miles of public beach to drive along plus countless more miles sandy trails that stem off of the main beach.  Be careful on these trails tho as they tend to be partially flooded most of the year and some of the water crossings can get deep enough to swallow a 37 inch tall tire.  You can find more info about Carova Beach on the Where2Wheel Trails Map - it's a great place for the beginner offroader.  The only downside is that even tho Carova Beach is spitting distance from Virginia Beach, the drive is about 2.5 hours to Carova because beach access can only be had from south of the VA/NC border.

Moving westward, just off the beach you will find Hampton Roads; the surfers in this coastal metropolitan are have a saying, "VA has no waves", and that mantra pretty much rings true for the 4x4 community and its offroading trails in Hampton Roads.  There is one gem in the area for offroading and that is Starr Motors Jeep dealership.  Starr Motors (aka Starr Motors Offroad Outfitters) has a small offroad course behind their Jeep dealership; the course has several hill climbs, rock gardens, and mud pits and is a blast to visit when open.  Check out the VB 4x4 group or events calendar on Where2Wheel.com to find out when Starr Motors will be open next - they open the park with varying frequency, usually at least once every other month.

Middle Virginia, around Richmond area, used to have a handful off offroading options; however, the options have become fewer and fewer in recent years.  Crozet, VA outside Charlottesville, VA used to be a hub for rockcrawling, and RedCloud Offroad Park was a favorite in the Richmond area, but sadly neither of these options are open for wheeling anymore.  If in the middle part of VA you can still check out Shoe Creek trail, but even that trail seems to be threatened by closure issues.

Moving up to Northern Virginia is the fantastic Big Dogs Offroad in Gore, VA.  Big Dogs Offroad is Virginia's largest offroad park and is open about a dozen times a year.  More info on Big Dogs Offroad here.

Westward towards Roanoke, VA you will find many trails inside the George Washington National Forest and Jefferson National Forest, the most notable and most extreme being Potts Mountain Jeep Trail.  Potts Mountain is a challenging trail that takes you up a mountain and along the trail you will be forced to navigate rock gardens, rock ledges/shelfs, and even some mud pits - don't go alone and make sure you have a capable vehicle.   The western part of Virginia by far has the most 4x4 offroad trails that VA has to offer, and is well worth the drive to visit out that part out the state.  The trails in the national forests are usually dirt fire roads that hunters use to access the forest during hunting season, but they are open for public access and are a great place for amateur enthusiasts; these trails include stream crossings and the occasional mud put, but make sure to stay the trail as going off trail is a ticketable offense.

For more 4x4 offroad trail information simply signup for free to Where2Wheel.com or login to W2W to check out the Where2Wheel Trails Map.

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