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If you reside in Virginia Beach or Hampton Roads then I hate to burst your bubble, but there are not any legal 4x4 trails close. Now if you dont mind putting a few miles in on the pavement to get to the dirt roads, then you are in luck. While the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads ares does not have alot of offroading options, it luckily does have good offroading options, you just have to drive to it and most of these options will take up your whole weekend.

To the South and the closest legal option for offroad trails is the Outer Banks. Obviously most of this will consist of sand 4x4 trails, puddles and water crossings, beach offroad driving, and occasionally some nice mud holes and ruts. The absolute best time to go down this way for some offroading is after it has rained a good amount because then all the sand trails and holes are flooded and it makes for more fun and more of a challenge. While there are several places you can go in the OBX for beach driving, our favorite is Carova Beach.  This is about a 2 and a half hour drive, but every time we have visited it we have not been disappointed. You can learn more about this beach and the 4x4 trails at it on the W2W Trail Listing here. Whichever OBX beach you choose to hit, make sure to do a little research first and make sure there are no passes or fees required. 

Not too much farther down to the SW is one of the most popular offroad spots for Virginia Beach residents which is Uwharrie National Forest, which actually resides in North Carolina. While this one will run you closer to 5 hours to get to, it has alot more options for off pavement play. Alot of people will head down for the entire weekend and will camp while they are there and make a whole weekend of offroading. This is a great spot because there is variety: rocks, mud, inclines, water crossings, mudding, and an OHV park. If you are new to this forest then I would recommend checking out the 4x4 trails at Badin Lake OHV park first while you get familiar with the terrain and then branch out after you have visited it a few times because it is easy to get lost out there. Badin has 17 miles of dedicated offroad trails as well as primitive camping spots. To learn more before you head out visit the Badin Lake Trail Listing here and the Uwharrie National Forest Info Page.  Lastly I would also suggest packing some type of emergency communication device with you in the case that you do get lost like this SPOT Satellite Messenger option, always better to be safe than sorry!

If you have the time to give up the entire weekend for some offroading then another option that is also about 5 hours away in Southwest Virginia is Potts Mountain. Potts Mountain Jeep Trail is located in Jefferson National Forest and is approx 15 miles long of all types of obstacles ranging from rockcrawling, water/river crossings, mud holes, steep inclines and declines, as well as some rough terrain. This Jeep trail is definitely not for beginners and we have actually had friends get stuck on this trail. Side Note: if you can get out there while it has some snow on the trail, then you are in for a treat because it becomes a whole other ball game attempting to get up the mountain and back down when it is covered in snow and ice!

Last but not least and probably the most famous as well as the farthest away clocking in at 6 hours is Rausch Creek Offroad Park. This park consists of almost 3,000 acres of easy, intermediate, and difficult trails - featuring rocks, bowls, hills, club friendly trails, and free, on-site camping. This is definitely a bucket list spot for the East Coast, but make sure before you head all the way out there that you have a plan to wheel with someone because there is a 2-vehicle minimum to access these 4x4 trails.

Hope this quick snippet of offroading options in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads helps you get off the pavement and dont forget to check out where2wheel.com/trails for access to offroad trails across the nation.

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One of the best mods to get your Wrangler on the way to becoming YOUR Wrangler is with aftermarket bumpers.  Bumpers are one of the most effiecient ways to improve your Jeep Wrangler.  A good set of bumpers can add a lot to your Jeep: strength & rigidity, off-road functionality in the form of trail protection & easily accessible recovery points, and don't forget the improved looks that will set your Wrangler apart from all the others on the road.

Check out XT's Wrangler Bumper Buyer's Guide Here

There are so many bumper options for Jeep Wranglers that it can make your head spin, so our good friends at ExtremeTerrain (XT) have put together this guide that can help you quickly navigate the sea of options and find the bumpers that are going to be the perfect mod to your Wrangler.  Oh, and don't worry XT has you covered from YJ to JL and every Wrangler in between; no matter which gen Wrangler you drive, this guide has bumper information specific to your Wrangler!

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Want to learn more about the offroading landscape in Texas? Well, you have come to the right place. Where2Wheel can help you find Jeep trails, truck/SUV trails, fourwheeling trails, OHV trails, and all other offroad trails for 4WD vehicles.

This blog will cover a brief overview of the offroad trails and offroading landscape in TX. To find more information and for full trail descriptions visit W2W's Trails Map.

As one of the largest states in the US, Texas has lots of offroad trails and offroad parks to offer the local wheeler. Where2Wheel currently has 20+ trail listings on our national map in Texas. We will cover a brief overview of some of those trails spread across the entire state in the writing below, As always, if you would like to skip the overview or want to see all the trail listings then feel free to check out the W2W Map here.

Starting up north with our most northern trail listing we have Canadian River ATV park located in Amarillo, TX. The Canadian River off-road area is located between Amarillo, TX and Dumas, TX on US 87/287. This park has something there for everyone, ranging from novice to experienced wheelers. The area has trails on the west side of the highway and the east side of the highway as well. While it has ATV park in the name, no fear, Jeeps and full-size vehicles are also welcome here. A little over an hour and half south outside of Lubbock, TX there are also a few places to get your rig off the pavement with, like Better than Nothing - which is abunch of farm roads and a decent amount of fire/service roads with very small inclines and loose sand. Like the name says, better than nothing but not top of the line. Not far from here in Buffalo Springs you also have the Buffalo Springs Lake Trails which is a Farm to Market road 835. These trails are nothing to serious, but something for your stock Jeep or buggy to play on. NOTE: Make sure you have a current Texas OHV sticker as they will hand out tickets if you dont.

Franklin Mountain Trails located in Anthony, TX is our most eastern trail listing and is near the New Mexico border. These trails are basically old mine access roads and are fairly short, but do range a good degree in difficulty. You are prohibited from entering the state park though so make sure to check out the listing for directions before you head out. Also if you dont mind crossing the border over into NM, then not far are several other places to hit the trails such as The Wall, Palomas Gap, and Monticello Canyon. You can learn more about these trails on the W2W Map.

Padre Island National Seashore is our most southern trail listing and is worth checking out if you live in or near Corpus Christi. Padre Island is one of the last undeveloped shorelines in the world, and is one of the only beaches of its kind that is open to driving on 60 of the 70 miles that it protects. Malaquite Beach is the stretch of the National Seashore that is closed to driving. If you continue to the end of the paved road (Park Road 22), you will be driving on the beach in no time! Remember that in Texas all beaches are public highways and all traffic laws apply, including seat belt regulations, and all vehicles traveling on Padre Island National Seashore must be street legal and licensed. Also worth mentioning down in southern Texas is Big Bend National Park. This park basically has 3 parks in one because it includes mountain, desert, and river terrains. In an hour you can go from the banks of the Rio Grande to a mountain basin nearly a mile high. Here, you can explore one of the last remaining wild corners of the United States. It also has many different challenges for any type of vehicle mods you have and want to test out! You can find out more about Big Bend National Park on its listing here. Would also highly recommend carrying some type of emergency communication device like this Spot Gen3 Satellite Messneger since the Big Bend area is so massive and an easy place to get lost. 

Our most western trail listing is Gator Run Offroad Park located in Tatum, TX. Gator Run is definitely one you want to hit since it is the largest ATV/Offroad park in the state with 5,250 acres of Texas trails to ride and explore. They have a huge variety of terrain types for all skill levels and many add-ons such as sand drags, monster truck mud pits, sand dune climbs and jumps, as well as their "Twist & Shout" obstacle course. You can learn more about this park and what is has to offer on their website as well as upcoming events and fees. 

If you live in or near Houston, then you are in luck because there are several offroad ranches around that area for you to explore including: Brazos Valley Offroad Ranch, Texas Offroad Ranch, Creekside Offroad Ranch, and Texas Hogwallow. You can read up on all of these ranches as well as the other trail listings near Houston on the W2W Map.

Last but certainly not least we have the middle of the state where most of the offroad listings fall - from San Antonio up to Fort Worth/Dallas. There are too many trail listings in this area to cover, but we will name a few to make your search a little easier. Up in the Dallas and Fort Worth area you have spots like Northwest OHV Park, Brushy Creek Motor Farm, and Rock Trails of Tolar. Like the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the San Antonio area is also definitely rich in offroad parks/ranches such as Trees Ranch Offroad, Long Ranch ORV Park, Boulder Creek Offroad Park, and one of the most popular ones in the state Katemcy Rocks located in Mason, TX which is dubbed "the Moab of Texas" and is a rockcrawlers dream! Katemcy offers over 400 acres of granite rock providing an off road experience like no other in the state. It is called the "Moab of Texas," because it presents diverse terrain for all levels of four wheelers, from stock vehicles to extreme rock crawlers. There are multiple trails with numerous obstacles like the famous one called Kowboy. You will want to make sure to bring some type of winch with you in the event that you need to winch yourself or someone else out - we recommend this Smittybilt one.  You can find out more information about this famous place either on the W2W Trail Listing or on their website.

As mentioned earlier, Texas is a massive state with lots of land and places to offer for 4wheeling and offroading and I am sure we did not cover, nor do we have every trail listed on our map. If you know of other spots to go offroading at in Texas that we currently do not have listed, then we ask you to add them to the W2W Map if you would like to support our mission of making offroading more accessible to everyone! Hope this overview of 4x4 trails and offroad parks in TX helps you get off the pavement.

Happy Wheeling!

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Let's talk about fourwheeling trails and 4x4 offroad trails in Arkansas.

To be clear, this article covers Jeep trails, truck/SUV trails, OHV trails, and other 4WD vehicle trails in AR.

While there might not be as many places to go offroading in Arkansas at as places like California, Arizona, Colorado, etc..., AR definitely packs a punch with the places they do have for offroad trails and parks. Several ORV Parks located in Arkansas are known nationwide and have been mentioned and listed as must hits in 4Wheeler Magazine

Two of these well known parks include Super Lift ORV Park (also known as Hot Springs OffRoad Park) and Byrd's Adventure Center. Super Lift is located in, yep you guessed it, Hot Springs, Arkansas. This park is very popular with big companies like 4WheelParts, 4Wheeldrive, etc.. and they visit to test out the park, test vehicles/parts/builds, and also to get marketing material. The park spans 1,250 acres of woods and trails. They offer several amenities including restrooms, camping, a convenience store, and even an RC course to have some fun on. This park is definitely one of the must hits in AR if you have not visited it yet. You can find out more about the schedule and events on their website before planning a visit. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that Byrd's Adventure Center was the first ORV park and RV Campground in Arkansas? They opened in 1982 and started out as an outdoor music venue, then moved into teaching rock climbing and have been growing and adding activities since. They are now also one of the largest outdoor activity centers in AR as well. They are located in the Ozark Forest along the Mulberry River and offer several outdoor activities in addition to offroading such as kayaking, canoeing, ATV trails, etc.... In addition to the hundreds of miles of offroading in the Ozark National Forest, Byrd's Adventure Center also has 800 acres of mudpits, offroad trails, and obstacles for you to play on. On top of hundreds of offroad trails, this place also hosts tons of events and activities. Make sure to check out their website above below you go and I would also recommend packing some type of GPS communication device since this place is so large and it is extremely easy to get lost. My favorite is the Spot Gen3 GPS Satellite Messenger, and I always make sure to have it pack it in my offroading kit. 

Since we are on the topic of great offroad recreation and camping spots, we will also mention one other amazing spot that Arkansas also has to offer. This being Rock Creek Racing and Recreation Off-Road Park (RCRRORP). Rock Creek is a family owned facility with family values. The park has a total of 880 acres of wooded mountains, creeks, and pastures. The park also has over 50 different trails for Rock Crawlers ranging from stock vehicles to your Big Bad Buggies! They have also constructed a Rock Garden, Mud Pit, and Primitive Camp Sites to round out the adventures. The rock garden here is no joke either so make sure you have some type of winch (like this one from Smittybilt) or recovery tool with you in case you get stuck between a rock and a hard place (pun intended)! On a side note: they have been doing construction at RCRRORP off and on to add more trails, so make sure to check their website before heading out to ensure the park is open and ready for wheelers. 

We have covered several offroad parks and recreation centers, but if you are looking more for the minimalist approach of just you, your rig, and the outdoors, then you would want to check out Carwash Falls and Brown Creek Cascade. At Carwash Falls there are many trails and different activities to enjoy in this area including camping, kayaking, hiking and ATVing if you are also in to those items. You could spend several days in this area just riding the trails and continuing on up into Jasper, AK. Carwash Falls is a must hit not only for the scenery, but for the iconic waterfall you get to drive right through/under. The trail is a muddy/gravel road that can get slippery so definitely need to pay attention and make sure to have a tow rope on you. Some good elevation and scenery to make the drive/trail a must hit. Brown Creek Cascade is a dirt road a little less than an hour from Little Rock. Along with getting your rig out for the day, there are several other activities that can be done here including: camping, hiking, waterfalls, and wonderful scenic views.. The Brown Creek Cascade waterfall is a very popular one in Arkansas so make sure to check it off your list while enjoying some alone off highway time!

You can find out more information about all the 4x4 trails and offroad parks discussed in this blog as well as other places to go offroading in Arkansas as well as all the other 50 states on the Where2Wheel Map. Hope this blog helps you to hit offroad trails in Arkansas. Where2Wheel's mission is to make offroading more accessible to everyone and we are currently aiming to accomplish this mission through our free national trails map. If you know of any offroad trails in Arkansas that are not listed on our map, then we would love if you could add them to the map and help us with our mission of spreading offroading knowledge. Also make sure to check out our free community where you can find other wheelers and offroad clubs and groups in your area.

Happy Wheeling!

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Let's talk about fourwheeling and 4x4 offroad trails in Iowa.

My wife lived in Iowa when we were dating long distance in high school, so I would go out there and visit her a couple times a year. When you think about the Midwest, I am sure rolling hills and lots of open land come to mind, which wouldn't be totally wrong. Unfortunately out in corn country most of the open land is used for agriculture and farming, so while you might think there would be plenty of places to go offroading, there actually is very limited options. Now if you are lucky, you will know some other wheelers who have land available for mud bogging from time to time, but finding the consistently open and legal 4wheeling spots is few and far between.

 While it might not be much, Where2wheel does have a few options for our offroaders in Iowa. The only legal place to go offroading in IA that we currently have listed on the W2W Map is Timber Ridge Ranch located in Castana. Timber Ridge is a 100 acre outdoor recreational area for the whole family.  Timber Ridge is a membership-based area with activities that include dirt bike trails, ATV and UTV trails, as well as areas to ride Jeeps, 4 x 4’s and dune buggies. They do have a waiting list for membership right now, so if you are interested then I would suggest getting on the list ASAP. You can find out more about Timber Ridge and sign-up to become a member on their website.

The second option to find 4x4 trails in Iowa is not a place, but instead a private wheeling group called Make It or Break It Four Wheelers. This group is centered around 4x4 trucks, jeeps and buggies, and has access to over 400 acres of private land for wheeling in south central Iowa. So if you are new to the area/state or are just looking to find some places to go offroading at in IA, then this group would be a good one to join. Membership is required though, which you can do and also find more information about the group on their Facebook Page.

Our mission here at Where2Wheel is to make offroading more accessible to everyone. We are currently serving this mission through free access to our national offroad trails map, so if you know of more offroad trails in Iowa or anywhere else in the nation and would like to help us with our mission, then we ask that you please add them to the W2W Map. Also feel free to register to become a W2W member and gain access to the community and wheelers all over the nation. 

Happy Wheeling!


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Looking for the best Wrangler lift?

This guide will help you choose the best Wrangler lift for your needs.

Alright, so a blanket statement like "best Wrangler lift" shouldn't exist because "best" is a matter of what is best for your situation and your specific needs.  The "best" lift is going to be different for every Wrangler owner because every Wrangler owner is working with a different budget, placing different demands on their Jeep, modifying for different styles of off-roading, and staying within the context of their Wrangler's ultimate build goals (Do you want the most comfortable daily driver or the most hardcore rock crawler or maybe somewhere inbetween?).

So ExtremeTerrain has put together this incredibley informative guide on everything you should know before making a lift decision with your Wrangler.  The article covers everything to consider, and I mean everything - suspension geometry, supporting mods, parts breakdowns, and even the differences between Wrangler generations and their specific suspension design considerations.  Fortunately, XT was also kind enough to include videos to go along with this article so that you don't need to read through the whole thing if you prefer to watch and learn.  So before you buy a lift for your Wrangler, take some time and learn about all the factors that go into choosing the "best lift" for your Wrangler; this article will give you the information to make an informed decision that you won't regret.

Once you have done your Wrangler lift homework don't forget to check out the Where2Wheel offroad trails map to help you find where to go offroading!

And if you enjoyed the suspension guide put together by our friends at ExtremeTerrain, then make sure to read their guide on Jeep tires: Everything you need to know to choose the best tires for your Wrangler!

XT suspension

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Know your Wrangler's oil, coolant, and all other fluids capacities.

Our friends at XT have put together this fluid capacity quick reference guide that every Wrangler owner should keep handy.

This fluid capacity guide put together by ExtremeTerrain is so helpful that I encourage any Wrangler owners to bookmark this page.  The guide here provides fluid capacity information for all Wrangler models from YJ to JL (YJ, TJ, JK, JL) including the varying capacities for the different engines, transfer cases, and axles (differentials) that were available on each generation of Wrangler.

I hope this information is helpful!  Keep on Jeepin!  And as always, when you need to find out where to go offroading and get some dirt under your Jeep's tires, check out the Where2Wheel offroad trails map.

And if you enjoyed this fluid guide put together by our friends at ExtremeTerrain, then make sure to read their guide on Jeep tires: Everything you need to know to choose the best tires for your Wrangler!

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Want to learn more about the offroading landscape in Minnesota? Well, you have come to the right place. Where2Wheel can help you find Jeep trails, truck/SUV trails, fourwheeling trails, OHV trails, and all other offroad trails for 4WD vehicles.

This blog will cover a brief overview of the offroad trails and offroading landscape in MN. To find more information and for full trail descriptions visit W2W's Trails Map.

When you think about the mid-west, miles of land and rolling hills come to mind, so you would think there would be plenty of places to go offroading out there. Unfortunately most of that land is used for precious farming, so you basically end up with the same issues that the East Coast runs into - where there are a few legal 4x4 trails, option of friends/family land, otherwise you are out of luck. Where2Wheel is here to help solve problems like these by creating  a national trails database so offroaders all over the nation can find local wheeling spots and hit the trails. As of this writing the W2W Map has 7 spots to go wheeling at in MN. Now that isnt a whole lot obviously, but some is better than none so we will briefly cover a few of these 4x4 trails in MN and if you would like to see a quick snapshot of the offroad landscape in Minnesota or look at the trails yourself then you can visit the W2W Map Here

To kick it off we will start with the two offroad ohv areas that are located in MN. One is up North and one is down South. Up north we have  the Iron Range OHV State Recreation Area located in Gilbert, MN and it is said to be Minnesota's premier off-highway vehicle recreation area. There are hundreds of miles of offroad trails located in Iron Range consisting of lots of mudding opportunities as well as hill climbs, water crossings, and obstacles. Iron Range also hosts the state's only OHV park for ATV's, OHV's, and Dirt Bikes and only cost the fee for a license, which you can find more about on their website. They also have separate OHV trails for Jeepers, so Jeep owners in Minnesota will definitely want to check this place out. Which leads us into the other must visit trail in Northern MN, Mesabi Mountain Trail. Mesabi is only about 10 minutes away from Iron Range but take note that it is a more difficult and very rocky trail - minimum of 35 inch tires, lockers, and a winch (like this one here) are recommended. This offroad trail consist of four miles of a narrow, winding trail that follows the rocky ridges and outcroppings of the Laurentian Divide. This is definitely the offroad trail in Minnesota to test for your rig for rockcrawling and obstacles! You can learn more about Mesabi here before heading out to test your skills. 

The other ohv park area is Appleton Area Recreational Park located in Appleton, MN. Fun Fact: Appleton was once an old gravel mine which created tons of rolling terrain and fun for us offroad enthusiasts. The Appleton Area Recreational Park covers 330 acres, including 20 miles of trails. Appleton is a great location for full size vehicles and offers trails for every skill level. You can find out more about the Appleton Recreational Area here.

To wrap up this brief overview of the offroad trails in MN, we will cover one of the more popular trails that sits on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin, the Gandy Dancer Trail. Gandy Dancer is a 30-mile trail that travels along an abandoned railroad grade and begins in Danbury, Wis., and travels north through Minnesota before looping back east. This trail also has different connections off of it to OHV trails in the St. Croix and Nemadji state forests. The connections along with the different terrain changes and views make Gandy Dancer another must hit offroad trail in Minnesota. 

Once again this was just a quick overview of some of the offroad trails in Minnesota that are listed on Where2Wheel. To view the other 4x4 locations in MN you can either visit the Where2Wheel Map or glance at the screenshot below. As mentioned earlier, W2W is here to help the offroad community by building the best national trails map. If you know of any trails that are not listed on the map for MN or any other state, then please feel free to help us out and add them to the W2W Map Here. Hope this information helps you hit the trails and happy wheeling!


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Let's talk about off road trails near me (you) in Louisiana

This article covers 4x4 trails, Jeep trails, truck trails, and SUV trails in LA.

Thanks for coming to Where2Wheel for your quick reference guide to find off-road trails.  If you haven't been to Where2Wheel before, W2W is a crowdsourced database of off road trails across the USA.  Check out the Where2Wheel map to find off road trails, and if you want to take part in shaping this tool for the off-road community, the W2W map is open for users to add and edit trails so that we can create the best quick reference guide for wheeling spots across the US!

Back to the off road trails in Louisiana.  If you are looking for offroading near you in LA, then the quickest way to get that information is by checking out the Where2Wheel map here, but if you insist on hanging around and reading about the Jeep and truck trails in LA then here we go:

First I would like to start out by saying we need some help from the community to beef up the Louisiana off road trails map.  As of Sept 2019, there are 3 off road trails inside Louisiana, or more accurately I should say there are 3 off roading locations (wheeling spots) inside LA.  I call them locations rather than trails because one is an off-road park, one is a national forest, and the third is a guided off-road tour on private property.

Located between Monroe and Alexandria is Catahoula Recreation Park, also commonly known as Sicily Island Offroad Park.  Catahoula has over 100 seperate off road trails and is also the only place in Louisiana to do some rock crawling with your Jeep or truck.  Catahoula is open for Jeeps, trucks, SUVs, Buggys, and Side-by-sides.  You do need to book a reservation unless you are heading out to Catahoula on an event weekend; if you live close then consider buying an annual pass, otherwise you can just pay per visit.  Their pricing and hours can be found here.

Moving a little further south into Central LA is Kisatchie National Forest.  Kisatchie isn't going to chellenge your rig in any way shape or form, but it's a great spot to get some dirt under the tires and wander the trails until you find a fishing spot, swimming hole, or camp site.  If you have an ATV or UTV then there are more than 200 miles of trails to play on.  Check the Forest Service's website here for more information as the rules (and permits required) for Kisatchie do change depend on hunting season.

Lastly and most southern in Louisiana is 4x4 Life Offroad located just north of Baton Rouge (St. Francisville).  4x4 Life Offroad is a group of seasoned wheelers that lead off road tours through a piece of private property that they have access to.   4x4 Life says their tours are designed for beginners, but it seems that the property they tour on has a good variety of difficulty levels for the crew to guide you through.  The 4x4 Life Offroad tours have overwhelmingly positive reviews and now you are able to buy an annual pass so that you can take as many trail rides as you wish.  Here you can find out more information on 4x4 Life Offroad.

I wish I could offer more information on the 4x4 off road trails in Lousiana, but until we can get some local LA wheelers to chime in and help build up the W2W map, then those 3 off road trails are my best leads to help you get some mud under your tires.  There are about a dozen more off road trails listed on W2W that are close to the Louisiana border, so if you would like to take a peek at those off road trails near LA then head over to the W2W map.  Thanks for visiting Where2Wheel and feel free to sign-up and become a W2W member (it's free).  Lastly, head over to the Where2Wheel map and find those off road trails for yourself.  Happy Wheeling!

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2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Brings New Updates

New Diesel Engine Available, eTorque 3.6L V6, and Special Editions

For the 2020 model year Jeep has introduced some new options available for the JL Wrangler and JL Wrangler Unlimited.  Our friends at ExtremeTerrain are here to bring you the news in a short 5 minute video; check out the video to quickly learn what the 2020 JL model year brings to the table!

2020 JL Updates

Either click the image above or click here to watch the 2020 JL Model Year Updates.

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Does Your Jeep Have Wheels?

If you don't know what offset, backspacing, and the difference between steel and aluminium wheels, are then you should check out this guide from our friends at XT!

All offroad wheels are not created equal and our friends at ExtremeTerrain have put together one of the most easily understandable guides to quickly learning the full gamet on offroad wheels.  ExtremeTerrain will tell you that this is the "Jeep Wrangler" Wheel Guide, but the terms and explanations apply to all makes and models that run on 4 wheels.

Here is The Definative Guide to Jeep Wrangler Wheels

I will give it to XT that they make shopping for wheels way too easy!  If you have a Jeep Wrangler or XJ (same bolt pattern as TJ) then I suggest doing your shopping at ExtremeTerrain, they are a fantastic company that goes out of their way to support the community of offroaders that they sell to.  For what it's worth, I think the best looking wheel on XT is the "Mammoth Boulder Black" or the "Mammoth Boulder Beadlock Style Black" wheel - I'll insert an image below:

XT Mammoth Beadlock Black


Again, you can check out their Offroad Wheel Guide along with some drool worthy wheels here.  Thanks for visiting Where2Wheel, and dont forget to explore the Where2Wheel Trails Map to find your next offroading adventure!

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Let's talk about 4x4 offroad trails in Florida

This article specifically covers Jeep trails, truck trails, OHV trails, and all other 4x4 off road trails in Florida (FL).

As of writing this (Aug 2019) there are 30 off-road trails located in Florida that are listed on the Where2Wheel map.  If you haven't heard of Where2Wheel yet, we are a crowdsourced trail map where offroaders can share trail information; if you see a trail on W2W that you know of, then please help us out by adding some info to that trail, or if you know of a 4x4 trail that we don't have on our map then be a good sport and add that trail to the map as long as it is open for wheeling and is appropriate for Jeeps or trucks.

Okay, so the easiest way to breakdown off road trails in Florida is going to be to highlight some offroad tails moving from north to south.  If you want to skip to the Where2Wheel map and check out all the offroad trails in FL for yourself, then you can click here and probably save yourself some time by avoiding my "oh so exciting" trail highlights.  But if you like to do things the hard way, then stick around and I will brief you on the 4x4 trails that Florida has to offer.  If you haven't done any wheeling in Florida before, then a quick summary would be mud, mud, and more mud; a good set of mud terrain tires and a tow strap or winch are going to be some of your most valaued equipment on the Florida trails.

Starting out with off road trails in the Pan handle of FL, just N of Panama City, we have "The Swamp Offroad Park".  Here you can find mud of course, but the park also offers some hills and has recently added an obstacle course to keep you having 4x4 fun even when you are sick of the mud.  Additionally, we have multiple users reviews on W2W that rave about the top notch staff and owners at The Swamp Offroad Park; if you are in the area then this sounds like a great place to have some muddy fun!  Staying in North Florida, but moving eastward, between Tallahassee and Jacksonville, we have a cluster of offroad 4x4 trails.  Both Twin Rivers State Park and Osceola National Forrest offer some 4x4 trail fun at zero dollars for admission, although you might be hard pressed to find any challenging terrain here as most of what you will find are fire roads.  If you get lucky you might find some washed out areas, but remember to stay the trail.  Last offroad trail that we have listed in N FL is the Iron Horse Mud Ranch.  Located near Athena, the Iron Horse Mud Ranch offers five seperate mud bog areas to play in ranging from mild to wild; conveniently this park also offers a vehicle wash area to clean off your 4x4 after testing out those mud terrains.

In Central Florida, we have 10 off-road trails listed between Gainesville and Tampa; click here to go to the W2W map to view for yourself.  South of Gainesville near Ocala is Hard Rock Off Road Park.  Hard Rock started life out as a rock quary and was then turned into a motorcycle park, but about a decade ago the park opened up trails for 4x4, Jeeps, and trucks.  Enthusiasts rave about this park for its wide variety of terrain ranging from "stock to rock buggy".  Several reviewers have called Hard Rock Off Road Park "the spot to wheel in Central FL".  The other off-road park in Central FL is Hog Waller Mud Bog & ATV; this is mud heaven if that's what you are looking for.  There is one giant mud bog pit on this property that is 1,100 acres large, and I'd recommend checking it out as a spectator unless you have a mud truck or ATV (Jeeps with 35s beware!).  The remainder of the offroad trails in Central Florida are either National Forrests, Wildlife Management Areas, or local 4x4 trails that users have been kind enough to share; check out the W2W map to investigate for yourself.

Switching gears to the 4x4 offroad trails ini South Florida, we have a lot more local spots that users have shared with the W2W community; again, you will have to check out the W2W map to comb through those yourself.  The one off-road park in South Florida that I will give a shoutout to is RedNeck Mud Park.  The Redneck Mud Park is exactly what the name implies; it's the stuff that those wild mud bog parties on YouTube are made of!  There are 4 main mud holes with varying difficulty along with some wooded trails to help diversify from all that mudding action.  Whether you go to watch or to wheel, this is a place worth stopping by when in South Florida.  Alright, so that is a quick summary of the 4x4 off road trails in Florida.  Please check out the Where2Wheel map to get a better view of the offroad trails in FL; if you enjoy the site, we welcome you to register.  Thanks for reading!

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Let's talk about fourwheeling trails and 4x4 offroad trails in Mississippi.

To be clear, this article covers Jeep trails, truck/SUV trails, OHV trails, and other 4WD vehicle trails in MS.

While the city of Jackson might be known as "the crossroads of the South", the state of Mississippi is not the crossroads of the south for offroading locations. The Where2Wheel map only has four offroad locations for MS, with all four of those being offroad parks. Two of them are located in Northern Mississippi, with the other two located down south not far from Biloxi and Gulfport. Fun fact: Root Beer was invented in Biloxi in 1898 - at least Mississippi has this going for them even if they dont have alot of offroading trails. As every offroader knows, any legal wheeling spot is better than none, so we will do a brief overview of the offroad parks and locations in MS in this blog. 

We will start with the northern parks and then make our way down south, kicking it off with the most northern offroad park BMB Offroad. BMB Offroad offers 715 acres of hills, trails, mud and camping fun for the entire family. They also have over 60 seemingly endless trails for dune buggies, rock crawlers, jeeps, trucks, four-wheelers and dirt bikes, along with several mud holes to play in and countless hills to climb. As if that wasnt enough, they offer trails for beginning riders as well as the more experienced offroad driver. BMB is basically the one size fits all for offroad parks with beginner to expert trails, mudding to rock crawling, and dune buggies to Jeeps. To find out more about this park you can also visit their website here

About and hour and twenty minutes south of BMB located in Woodland, MS is Mudslangers Offroad Trails. It is worth nothing that this location is mainly for ATV riders, but we thought we would mention it since they host mud events throughout the year where you can bring mud boggers, trucks, buggies,etc... Mudslangers is nestled in the Kilgore Hills and this off-road recreational paradise includes trails, mud holes, hill climbing, and even primitive camping. The property was developed from what had previously been a hunting camp for many years and is owned by two brothers, Jimmy and Greg Knox. The Knox brothers created Mudslangers so that offroad riders could have a place to enjoy outdoor challenges as well as the company of friends and family. To learn more about these offroad trails and when they have upcoming mudding events, you can visit their Facebook page

If you are willing to hit some pavement to get to wheeling spots then you should also definitely checkout our Offroad Trails in Alabama blog because BankHead National Forest is not too far from the areas mentioned above and has several places to kick it into 4WD. 

Now jumping down to the southern parks, we will start things off with Red Creek Offroad. This offroad park is located in Perkinston, MS and boasts that they "Provide the best 4X4 and Off-Road ATV trails in Southern Mississippi!". They have several different offroad trails spread across the park, some you might know of such as Alagator Alley, along with lodging areas, as well as sand bars to play and relax on. Red Creek is a place the whole family can enjoy for a weekend or longer camping and offroading trip. Check out their website for more information.

Last but most certainly not least is South Mississippi Offroad and RV Park. South Mississippi Off-Road & RV Park is made up of over 377 acres that include 189 RV sites with power and water, along with primitive camp sites for tent campers. At this park you can jump on your ATV, SxS, Jeep or mud truck and take a ride around the many miles of trails that they offer. Their goal at South Mississippi is to "provide offroad enthusiasts with the best park on the coast". As if the offroad aspect did not sound good enough for you to hit this park, they also offer a wide range of activities for a family fun weekend such as: a swimming pool, lake for fishing, a swing rope, a waterslide, volleyball, horseshoes, corn hole and much more. This offroad park is definitely one to take the fam to for a weekend of fun while also getting to enjoy hitting the trails!

That is all we have as of this writing for offroad trails in MS. Make sure to check out the Where2Wheel map though to find other offroading locations near you and in the event that new offroad trails in Mississippi get added. Hope you enjoyed this write-up and feel free to join or just check us out at https://where2wheel.com.


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Want to learn more about the offroading landscape in Alabama? Well, you have come to the right place. Where2Wheel can help you find Jeep trails, truck/SUV trails, fourwheeling trails, OHV trails, and all other offroad trails for 4WD vehicles.

This blog will cover a brief overview of the offroad trails and offroading landscape in AL. To find more information and for full trail descriptions visit W2W's Trails Map.

Alabama knocked it out of the sky when their workers were the ones who built the first rocket to take humans to the moon, and they also knock it out of the park for offroading and offroad trails! Alabama's landscape is flush with places to take your rig offroading and get off the pavement. The state alone has 6 different popular offroad parks and 4 National Forests that allow 4WD vehicles. Now while I am sure there are many other hidden gems in this state, we are going to cover these offroad parks and National Forests as they make up most of the offroading landscape in AL.  Don't worry though, Where2Wheel has a few hidden gems for you offfroad enthusiasts as well.

Let's start with all these famous offroad parks:

  • Morris Mountain ORV Park is located in Delta, AL which is about 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Birmingham. This park was created when the owners, Kris and Randy Morris, couldn't find places to go wheeling and it quickly grew into Morris Mountain ORV Park. The park now also includes obstacles, trails, mud pits, canyons, and even has a primitive camping facility for those looking for weekend long trips. Only downside is they are only open on the 2nd and 4th weekend of every month unless you book a private event. You can visit their website here to learn more or even book an offroad outting.
  • Not far from Morris Mountain is Gray Rock ORV Park. Gray Rock is a privately-owned tract in central Alabama, north of Birmingham and was recently featured in Petersons 4X4 Magazine. They have tons of trails from beginner to extreme and don't allow ATV's, but is a popular spot for Jeep owners. Only downside is it is available for organizations and groups to rent for events and Rock Crawl Competitions, the park is open by reservation or event only. They don't have a website so to learn more about this park you can check out W2W the trail listing and to schedule an event or to see their calendar of upcoming events, you can visit their Facebook page here
  • Forty minutes north of Gray Rock is where Stoney Lonesome OHV Park is located. Stony Lonesome is the first public OHV park of its kind in the state. The 1456+ acre park features trails for ATVs, rock crawlers, dirt bikes, mountain bikers, equestrians, hikers, pedestrians, and much more. This place has everything an offroader could ask for: mud, rock crawling, hills, obstacles and even trails for serious rigs and it is open year round. Due to the size of the park, I would also recommend bringing some type of emergency communication system with you in the event that you get lost somewhere in the 1,400+ acres.  The one I always bring with me is this Spot 3 Satellite GPS Messenger. Lastly, make sure to check out their website for fees and events before heading out. 
  • Mountainside Offroad Park is located a little more north in Gadsden, AL. This park is around 100 acres and caters to a plethora of offroaders including 4X4's. ATV's, ORV's, and UTV's. They too offer primitive camping on site for those looking to make a weekend out of it. They are open every first and third weekend of the month from 8am until dark. 
  • While we are up north, we will go ahead and cover the most northern offroad park in Alabama - Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad located in Tuscumbia. Hawk Pride is definitely where you want to go if you are more into the rockcrawling aspect of offroading rather than mudding. This privately owned park is spread over 1,000 acres and offers over 90 rock crawling trails ranging from the most sophisticated buggies to just simple 4X4's. They also have some mudpit areas for those offroaders who prefer the dirt to rock. Either way, they are always adding more trails, so make sure to check them out on the W2W map or their website
  • Last but certainly not least is Choccolocco Mountain Off Road Park located in Northeast Alabama five minutes away from Jacksonville, AL. The park is 450 acres of forest covered mountains with a vast trail system. Most stock four-wheel drive vehicles are capable of traveling throughout the entire park on the easy roads. There are also moderate to extreme trails for the more advanced vehicles. Some of the most extreme off road obstacles in the southeast are at Choccolocco Mountain park so definitely don't miss it. 

That wraps it up for the offroad parks and now on to the National Forests for places to play -

  • The Talladega National Forest is located in Piedmont, AL not far from Jacksonville, so you could hit Choccolocco Mountain park and the Talladega Forest all in one weekend. This forest covers 392,567 acres at the southern edge of the Appalachian Mountains. There are several trails scattered throughout this forest for offroad driving. Talladega has a good range of gravel/easy roads to rock obstacles/hard trails with steeper inclines so it is a good place to go "get your tires dirty" and explore. You can visit their site for more information on open and closed season as well as fees and any licenses needed. 
  • William B. Bankhead or also known as Bankhead National Forest is the most northern forest in Alabama. It is known as the "land of a thousand waterfalls", which makes this National Forest also popular for hiking, horseback riding, hunting, boating, fishing, swimming, and canoeing. This National Forest covers 181,230 acres and is home to Alabama's only National Wild and Scenic River, the Sipsey Fork. Needless to say that this forest has alot of mudding and mud trails so make sure to pack adequate recovery gear before heading out - I would especially recommend having at least one tow rope like this Rhino USA combo on hand if not two. 
  • Tuskegee National Forest is located in, yep you guessed it, Tuskegee, Alabama and is a little over 4o minutes away from Montgomery. Fun fact: Tuskegee is the smallest national forest in the U.S. (only a little over 11,000 acres) and one of only six that is contained entirely within a single county. This forest boasts lots of different topography with some sections being level and on the easier side, and others steeper with moderate slopes and inclines. Make sure to visit their site before heading out for accurate updates on closures. 
  • The last and most southern forest and spot for offroad trails in Alabama is the Conecuh National Forest. This forest is in southern Alabama and covers 83,000 acres, along the Alabama - Florida line in Covington and Escambia counties. This forests is home to lots of natural ecosystems and habitats so make sure to follow all signs and instructions and to not stray off the trail. 

While the offroad parks and National Forests certainly take the cake for the offroad landscape in AL, the Where2Wheel Map also has 37 trail listings for this state. These mainly consists of different roads scattered around the state and some of them are located in the forests mentioned above. You can find out more information about these other 4x4 trail listings on the Where2Wheel Map or in the screenshot below.  As always, W2W is here to help unite the offroad community and we hope you have enjoyed this blog covering the offroad trails and options in Alabama. 


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