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Off road trails near El Paso, Texas - Jeep & 4x4 offroad trails TX

Want to go offroading near El Paso, Texas?

Where2Wheel will help you find off road trails near you!  We only cover Jeep trails, 4x4 trails, truck trails, and OHV trails.  Keep reading and we will point out off road places near El Paso, TX.

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Alright, we are talking about off road trails near El Paso, Texas.  Last Warning, the off road trails mentioned are Jeep trails and 4x4 trails large/wide enough to fit a passenger vehicle - no ATVs or dirtbikes talked about here.  The first off road trail near El Paso, TX is The Wall located 18 miles NW of El Paso for a drive time of twenty-four minutes.  The Wall, located in Santa Teresa, NM, is a favorite among El Paso offroaders. The name is a bit misleading—it's really more like a big, half-open dirt bowl. Starting at the bottom, visitors attempt to make it to the very top of the long, bending ridge. It is basically a playground with a large sandy mesa "the wall" and some trails. Its a pretty large area extending north of 136 and south of airport road. You can see what other wheelers are saying about The Wall and other trails by visiting the Where2Wheel trails map here.

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The next offroad trail near El Paso, Texas are The Franklin Mountain Trails located 20 miles N of El Paso for a drive time of twenty-seven minutes. These trails range in difficulty, but most are rather short. It's basically old mine access roads that range from easy to moderate. Note you are prohibited from entering the state park so make sure to watch where you are wheeling. Reminder, you can browse the offroad trails map anytime for free on Where2Wheel.  There is a good chance that since writing this article that new off road trails near El Paso, TX have been added, so click here to view the W2W map and check the area for yourself.

The last offroad trail near El Paso, Texas is Kilbourne Hole located 42 miles NW of El Paso for a drive time of one hour and five minutes. Kilbourne Hole is a remnant of an ancient volcanic explosion, the crater is between 24,000 and 100,000 years old, and measures 1.7 miles long by well over a mile across, and is hundreds of feet deep. This trail is a single vehicle width trail that takes you on a full loop around the crater with incredible views. A stock 4x4 can easily make this trip. Just a heads up - There are a few gates along the way you must open and close for yourself. Don't forget to visit the Where2Wheel off road trails map to see all the off road trails near El Paso, Texas.  We also have a great community of offroaders on W2W, so be sure to check out the news feed and groups sections of Where2Wheel as well.

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Thanks for reading about some of the offroad trails near El Paso, TX.  For more off road trail information you can visit Where2Wheel or check out our Texas blog about offroad spots in TX.

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