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Offroading in GA - Georgia 4x4 Off Road Trails

Let's talk about fourwheeling trails and Jeep trails in Georgia.

To be clear, this article covers an overview of the offroading landscape in Georgia, as well as OHV trails, fourwheeling trails, Jeep trails, 4x4 trails, and all types of offroad trails in GA for full-size vehicles.

There are tons of places to go offroading in Georgia. The Where2Wheel Map has almost 30 different off road trails or offroad park listings in GA alone, and I am sure we dont have them all. This blog will cover a few of the big places to go wheeling down in GA, but if you would like to see all the trail listings we have for Georgia feel free to check out the W2W Trails Map or the photo below. 

Georgia has an interesting offroad landscape because there are huge clusters of places to go offroading up north near the border of Tennessee, there is also a large cluster of places down south near the border of Florida, but in between there really isn't too much. So if you live in the middle of the state, then I hate to tell you but you are going to have to put some miles in to reach these offroad spots. Your one saving grace in the middle of the state is River Rock ORV Park. They opened in early 2018 and are located in Milledgeville. To learn more about this park and what they offer you can visit the W2W trail listing or their website

To kick it off up north we will start with the famous Beasley Knob OHV Trail system. This trail system has gotten quite famous in the offroad world and I am sure most of you have heard of it before, but if you haven't, Beasley Knob is a challenging trail system located off of U.S. Highway 76 in Union County, GA. It is conveniently located two miles east of the town of Blairsville and can be accessed by two trail heads. The system provides approximately 10.6 miles of recreational riding for OHV enthusiasts, including four-wheel drive vehicles. It is located inside the Chattahoochee National Forest and is mostly made up of interconnecting dirt trails, rock hill climbs and gravel roads. Beasley is definitely a must hit and before you head out, you can find information on open and closed dates, fees, rules, etc.. here. One of the newest offroad parks in Georgia, GRJ, is also located up north. GRJ Offroad Park is located in Ball Ground, GA up north near Jasper. The park is 1,000 acres and holds regular events for Jeeps and other 4x4 vehicles to hit the trails and get some mud on their tires! To access the latest info about happenings at GRJ, you can either visit the W2W listing or their website at https://grjoffroadpark.com/

While up north playing at Beasley and GRJ, if you are looking for just an easy 4x4 trail, then I would suggest checking out Finey Creek Rd. This is a pretty short trail at only 2 miles long and is located in the Warwoman Wildlife Management Area in Clayton, GA. The plus about this trail is it is open year round. To learn more about Finey Creek Rd, you can visit the W2W Trail listing here

Georgia is slammed pack with great off road places to visit, and while we have already mentioned 2 of the greats (Beasley and GRJ) I have to say I would not miss this next one.  Durhamtown Offroad Resort is located in East Georgia (east of Atlanta) in the town of Union Point. When looking for a trail with all kinds of trekking, Durhamtown is the place to go. It’s a 6,000-acre resort for dirt bikes, ATVs, sidexsides, Jeeps, and other 4×4 rock crawlers. They have 14 tracks and 150 one-way trails. The resort welcomes drivers of all skill levels and you can even test your driving skills in all types of scenarios. As if this place already wasn't good enough, there also are 40 miles of trails and 3 obstacle areas just for Jeeps alone- calling all Jeep owners! Durhamtown is absolutely a must hit and would recommend budgeting a few days (they do offer camping) while there.

For the sake of brevity I cant cover all the offroad trails in Georgia, but as I mentioned our map has almost 30 4x4 trail listings for GA. Feel free to check them out at https://www.where2wheel.com. I have also included an overview snapshot of the W2W map for Georgia below for your reference. Our goal at W2W is to help the offroad community gain access to legal offroad trails across the country. If you know of any information for offroad trails, Jeep Trails or 4x4 trails in Georgia feel free to let us know or add them to the Where2Wheel Map.

Thanks for reading and Happy Wheeling!

Georgia off road trails, Georgia Jeep trails, Georgia 4x4 trailsGeorgia off road trails, Georgia Jeep trails, Georgia 4x4 trails

  Georgia off road trails, Georgia Jeep trails, Georgia 4x4 trails

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