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Offroading in LA - Louisiana 4x4 Off Road Trails

Let's talk about off road trails near me (you) in Louisiana

This article covers 4x4 trails, Jeep trails, truck trails, and SUV trails in LA.

Thanks for coming to Where2Wheel for your quick reference guide to find off-road trails.  If you haven't been to Where2Wheel before, W2W is a crowdsourced database of off road trails across the USA.  Check out the Where2Wheel map to find off road trails, and if you want to take part in shaping this tool for the off-road community, the W2W map is open for users to add and edit trails so that we can create the best quick reference guide for wheeling spots across the US!

Back to the off road trails in Louisiana.  If you are looking for offroading near you in LA, then the quickest way to get that information is by checking out the Where2Wheel map here, but if you insist on hanging around and reading about the Jeep and truck trails in LA then here we go:

First I would like to start out by saying we need some help from the community to beef up the Louisiana off road trails map.  As of Sept 2019, there are 3 off road trails inside Louisiana, or more accurately I should say there are 3 off roading locations (wheeling spots) inside LA.  I call them locations rather than trails because one is an off-road park, one is a national forest, and the third is a guided off-road tour on private property.

Located between Monroe and Alexandria is Catahoula Recreation Park, also commonly known as Sicily Island Offroad Park.  Catahoula has over 100 seperate off road trails and is also the only place in Louisiana to do some rock crawling with your Jeep or truck.  Catahoula is open for Jeeps, trucks, SUVs, Buggys, and Side-by-sides.  You do need to book a reservation unless you are heading out to Catahoula on an event weekend; if you live close then consider buying an annual pass, otherwise you can just pay per visit.  Their pricing and hours can be found here.

Moving a little further south into Central LA is Kisatchie National Forest.  Kisatchie isn't going to chellenge your rig in any way shape or form, but it's a great spot to get some dirt under the tires and wander the trails until you find a fishing spot, swimming hole, or camp site.  If you have an ATV or UTV then there are more than 200 miles of trails to play on.  Check the Forest Service's website here for more information as the rules (and permits required) for Kisatchie do change depend on hunting season.

Lastly and most southern in Louisiana is 4x4 Life Offroad located just north of Baton Rouge (St. Francisville).  4x4 Life Offroad is a group of seasoned wheelers that lead off road tours through a piece of private property that they have access to.   4x4 Life says their tours are designed for beginners, but it seems that the property they tour on has a good variety of difficulty levels for the crew to guide you through.  The 4x4 Life Offroad tours have overwhelmingly positive reviews and now you are able to buy an annual pass so that you can take as many trail rides as you wish.  Here you can find out more information on 4x4 Life Offroad.

I wish I could offer more information on the 4x4 off road trails in Lousiana, but until we can get some local LA wheelers to chime in and help build up the W2W map, then those 3 off road trails are my best leads to help you get some mud under your tires.  There are about a dozen more off road trails listed on W2W that are close to the Louisiana border, so if you would like to take a peek at those off road trails near LA then head over to the W2W map.  Thanks for visiting Where2Wheel and feel free to sign-up and become a W2W member (it's free).  Lastly, head over to the Where2Wheel map and find those off road trails for yourself.  Happy Wheeling!

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