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Offroading in AR - Arkansas 4x4 Offroad Trails

Let's talk about fourwheeling trails and 4x4 offroad trails in Arkansas.

To be clear, this article covers Jeep trails, truck/SUV trails, OHV trails, and other 4WD vehicle trails in AR.

While there might not be as many places to go offroading in Arkansas at as places like California, Arizona, Colorado, etc..., AR definitely packs a punch with the places they do have for offroad trails and parks. Several ORV Parks located in Arkansas are known nationwide and have been mentioned and listed as must hits in 4Wheeler Magazine

Two of these well known parks include Super Lift ORV Park (also known as Hot Springs OffRoad Park) and Byrd's Adventure Center. Super Lift is located in, yep you guessed it, Hot Springs, Arkansas. This park is very popular with big companies like 4WheelParts, 4Wheeldrive, etc.. and they visit to test out the park, test vehicles/parts/builds, and also to get marketing material. The park spans 1,250 acres of woods and trails. They offer several amenities including restrooms, camping, a convenience store, and even an RC course to have some fun on. This park is definitely one of the must hits in AR if you have not visited it yet. You can find out more about the schedule and events on their website before planning a visit. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that Byrd's Adventure Center was the first ORV park and RV Campground in Arkansas? They opened in 1982 and started out as an outdoor music venue, then moved into teaching rock climbing and have been growing and adding activities since. They are now also one of the largest outdoor activity centers in AR as well. They are located in the Ozark Forest along the Mulberry River and offer several outdoor activities in addition to offroading such as kayaking, canoeing, ATV trails, etc.... In addition to the hundreds of miles of offroading in the Ozark National Forest, Byrd's Adventure Center also has 800 acres of mudpits, offroad trails, and obstacles for you to play on. On top of hundreds of offroad trails, this place also hosts tons of events and activities. Make sure to check out their website above below you go and I would also recommend packing some type of GPS communication device since this place is so large and it is extremely easy to get lost. My favorite is the Spot Gen3 GPS Satellite Messenger, and I always make sure to have it pack it in my offroading kit. 

Since we are on the topic of great offroad recreation and camping spots, we will also mention one other amazing spot that Arkansas also has to offer. This being Rock Creek Racing and Recreation Off-Road Park (RCRRORP). Rock Creek is a family owned facility with family values. The park has a total of 880 acres of wooded mountains, creeks, and pastures. The park also has over 50 different trails for Rock Crawlers ranging from stock vehicles to your Big Bad Buggies! They have also constructed a Rock Garden, Mud Pit, and Primitive Camp Sites to round out the adventures. The rock garden here is no joke either so make sure you have some type of winch (like this one from Smittybilt) or recovery tool with you in case you get stuck between a rock and a hard place (pun intended)! On a side note: they have been doing construction at RCRRORP off and on to add more trails, so make sure to check their website before heading out to ensure the park is open and ready for wheelers. 

We have covered several offroad parks and recreation centers, but if you are looking more for the minimalist approach of just you, your rig, and the outdoors, then you would want to check out Carwash Falls and Brown Creek Cascade. At Carwash Falls there are many trails and different activities to enjoy in this area including camping, kayaking, hiking and ATVing if you are also in to those items. You could spend several days in this area just riding the trails and continuing on up into Jasper, AK. Carwash Falls is a must hit not only for the scenery, but for the iconic waterfall you get to drive right through/under. The trail is a muddy/gravel road that can get slippery so definitely need to pay attention and make sure to have a tow rope on you. Some good elevation and scenery to make the drive/trail a must hit. Brown Creek Cascade is a dirt road a little less than an hour from Little Rock. Along with getting your rig out for the day, there are several other activities that can be done here including: camping, hiking, waterfalls, and wonderful scenic views.. The Brown Creek Cascade waterfall is a very popular one in Arkansas so make sure to check it off your list while enjoying some alone off highway time!

You can find out more information about all the 4x4 trails and offroad parks discussed in this blog as well as other places to go offroading in Arkansas as well as all the other 50 states on the Where2Wheel Map. Hope this blog helps you to hit offroad trails in Arkansas. Where2Wheel's mission is to make offroading more accessible to everyone and we are currently aiming to accomplish this mission through our free national trails map. If you know of any offroad trails in Arkansas that are not listed on our map, then we would love if you could add them to the map and help us with our mission of spreading offroading knowledge. Also make sure to check out our free community where you can find other wheelers and offroad clubs and groups in your area.

Happy Wheeling!

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