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Keeping Jeep trails open and accessible - ExtremeTerrain's Clean Trail Grant

If you have been exploring off road trails for more than a year or two, then you probably know that Jeep trails and 4x4 trails face a lot of elements that threaten their closure.  However, ExtremeTerrain is breathing new life into off road trails with the ExtremeTerrain Clean Trail Grant!

ExtremeTerrain's Clean Trail Grant is a program that all Jeep, 4x4, and offroading enthusiasts should know about.  This grant provides a way for all Jeep, 4x4, and offroad clubs/organizations to keep off road trails open near them.  Funds are provided to clubs for cleaning, restoration, or even expansion of off road trails! 

This is a program that we at Where2Wheel see as providing significant value towards creating a more sustainable future for our sport of Offroading.  This issue of stabilizing the off road trails landscape is extremely important if we as offroading enthusiasts want to have trails to experience our Jeeps and 4x4s on for years and decades to come.  ExtremeTerrain is literally giving away free money to clubs and organizations that are passionate about off road trails, so please read this press release from ExtremeTerrain and decide if this grant can work for you as well as our sport at large.

"ExtremeTerrain’s Clean Trail Initiative Program is ramping up and is looking to improve the trails near you. The Clean Trail Program was founded by ExtremeTerrain in 2015 and setup to fund trail improvement projects that can include anything from trail clean-up, trail restoration, trail expansion, and more. ExtremeTerrain has worked with numerous Wrangler and 4x4 clubs/groups as well as many privately and publicly owned off-road trails to enact changes for the betterment of trail conditions for the communities being served. 

To date, ExtremeTerrain has granted over 22 grants for trail improvement projects, funding just under $12,000 in trail improvement projects all around the country. In just the past few months for spring/summer 2017, ExtremeTerrain has approved an additional 10 grants and is shooting for more.  

Applying for a Clean Trail Grant is easy; head to the ExtremeTerrain Clean Trail Grant page and click to apply for a grant, filling out a short questionnaire. With a grant from ExtremeTerrain, you can get the tools you need to clean, restore, or expand your local trails, helping to maintain the trail system and improve it for future off-roaders."

I hope you found this information helpful; if you would like to support ExtremeTerrain you can purchase all your Wrangler or Tacoma needs from their website and just as importantly you can share this article with any Jeep or 4x4 clubs/organizations in your area.

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