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The new JL will offer a 368HP turbo 4 cylinder. That engine spec'd with a 2 door could make for an awesome super lightweight rig. Anyone else excited for a turbo 4 haha?…

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Got my CB installed on the XJ in prep for OCJW coming up this weekend! Thanks to @Hangten30 for the help!

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A little bit more revealed about the upcoming JL.

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New Ford Bronco is on its 3rd redesign because the design keeps turning out looking too much like the Jeep Wrangler. Guess there are only so many ways you can put together a 4 door, body on frame SUV, w/removable roof, and solid axles???

Rumors about Bronco, RX-9, ZSX and Other News!...

New Stories: 0:45 New Ford Bronco rumors 5:22 Mazda RX-9 rumored to be shown in Tokyo 6:04 More patent images of "ZSX" baby NSX 7:24 2018 Buick Regal GS 11:1...

4.3LXJ What can you say. It used to be easy to be different than Jeep, but now that the corners have been rounded it is a little tougher 3 months ago
Hangten30 instead of doing a full removable top they should do t-top panels or something different. as long as they throw a V-8 or diesel in it it would be easily competitive. 3 months ago
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