Potts Mountain Jeep Trail

, New Castle, VA 24127 | View on Map | Get Directions
lat/lng: 37.634933207833136,-80.05271033163076
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Trial head accessed right off of Rt 617 in Craig County.

Moderate trail with plenty of obstacles. Not for beginners.

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all types mud water forest bumpy rocky steep scenic desert rock crawling gravel dirt granite slick water crossing mountainous obstacles wooded tight squeeze

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Trail Reviews

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Member since Jan 04, 2017

Fun and Challenging!

Submitted on Aug 11, 2018

I've run this trail in my H3 on 35s with front and rear lockers. Great trail, one of the best in VA. The trail is several hours long so bring a full tank of gas. Also, if you don't like rock crawling then this is not your trail - lots of elevation change and lots of rocks!

Member since Jun 13, 2018

Potts Mtn. Jeep Trail

Submitted on Jun 13, 2018

This trail is not for stock Jeeps. You can make it with 33s and a winch, but you will be much better equipped with 35s and lockers. If it is raining all bets are off. Do not wheel this trail alone. All that said, it is a wonderful trail and our club had a great time going east to west. Plan on it taking 6 or so hours.

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