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Using Ad Agency

Your advertisements will appear within the community feed for maximum visibility. Take a look at the yellow blocks within the screenshot to get an idea of where your ads will be seen.

Listing within Community Feed

per week

per month

for 6 months

Use these instructions to design stream ads on the community feed.

  1. Login and navigate to your profile – once on your profile page, click “Advertise Here”
  2. Choose Ad Package and click “Buy Now”
  3. Enter your information to register as an advertiser
  4. Select “Social Stream Ads”
  5. Design and save your Jomsocial Stream Ad
    **Note: Do not select geotargeting
  6. Create campaign - enter details and select the campaign you would like to purchase
  7. Verify campaign details & make payment (will continue thru PayPal)
  8. After paying, click “Return to Merchant”
  9. Return to your campaign page & you should see “active” next to your campaign’s name

Note: Be sure to disable AdBlock or similar browser extensions.

Go to community stream to see your running AD!

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